5Portable storage containers are wooden or steel pod-like units that most people use today for storing furniture and personal effects, files and documents, etc. when moving to a new home OR for extra apartment or office space. Your Moving Partner When moving to a new home, portable storage containers are most efficient. Many people think that hiring a rental truck and moving themselves is more beneficial; but this is usually not true.

The monetary savings are minimal, but the amount of work and inconvenience is greater. Not only would you be packing and transporting your goods, but, in addition, you would need to make several trips to the truck rental agency; once to rent, and once to return the truck. Also, truck rental companies charge mileage fees and, high fuel and “re-fueling” costs if the truck is not returned with a full tank. Is all of that extra work worth a few dollars in savings?

Storage Containers on Wheels will deliver a container to you; at your property then deliver it to your new location. Your Home or Office Extension Sometimes people tend to be pack rats. They acquire more “stuff” than the space in their homes can handle. But that doesn’t mean they need to dispose of their belongings by selling them or giving them away; especially if they have sentimental or intrinsic value. The same goes for your home or office. If your furniture, documents, or other home or office supplies are beginning to take control over the space in your home or business establishment.

Faced with these dilemmas, you will find that portable storage containers are the solution you have been looking for. With portable storage containers, you will have room where you can store valuables that your home or office can’t hold anymore. Portable storage containers are portable. You can place them in your driveway, backyard, or parking lot; worry-free about the safety of the contents. Each unit supplied by Storage Containers on Wheels can be secured with its own heavy-duty security lock.