In the past, when moving services were needed, hiring a moving company or renting a truck were your only options. Storage Containers On Wheels now offers you a 3rd choice. This solution offers the most cost-effective, affordable solution for:
  • Home Moving
  • Office Relocation
Storage Containers On Wheels makes do-it-yourself moving a simple and easy process.  Moving your items can be simplified into 4 easy steps:
  1. Contact us whenever you need us.
  2. We deliver the portable storage container(s) to your residence or place of work.
  3. Load the container at your own convenience.
  4. We pick it up and deliver to your new location.

Storage Containers On Wheels provides at-your-door-moving services at do-it-yourself prices! We bring the container, you load it at your own convenience, and we deliver it to your new location. Avoid the hourly cost of movers and labor –and reduce the cost and inconvenience of renting, loading and driving your own truck – a very economical way to move.

These services are available to Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County residents.

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