Each container supplied by Storage Containers on Wheels is steel-framed and waterproofed; and, can be armed with your own heavy-duty security lock. Portable storage containers provide many benefits:
  • Take the stress out of moving by packing at your own pace – We deliver the container to you. Take all the time you need to pack your belongings. You can pack leisurely, take a week to a month, and organize your things until you think everything is perfect. As moving storage containers usually feature ground-level access, loading larger, heavier items becomes much easier than having to use the ramps or lift-gates that come with moving trucks.
  • It is cost-effective – By loading your own container you will be saving between $70.00 to $100.00 per hour or more in labor. This could amount to substantial savings. NO LABOR COST as it is your labor. The only thing you pay for is the delivery, rental and moving of the container.
Moving Cost Using Our Storage Container Moving Cost Using Movers for 8 hours
$260.00 $784.00
  1. We deliver the container or unit,
  2. You load the unit at your convenience,
  3. We deliver the unit to your new location,
  4. You unload the unit at your convenience and
  5. We pick up the unit when you are ready.
  • Storage Containers On Wheels provides a long-term storage option- keep the storage container as long as you need, take your time to load it. Have us move it whenever you want.
  • Safe and Secure Storage Containers – Our storage containers are steel-framed and waterproof units that keep your items secure from any weather conditions like rain, wind or snow. Our storage containers can be sealed with high-level security locks that guarantee you have control over who have access to the contents.
Hiring a Moving Company
1. Movers do all the heavy lifting 1.You will pay an hourly rate for this work. You could be PAYING YOURSELF by doing your own labor.
2.Movers do all the labor 2. Again – you pay for the labor, and, the travel; by the hour.
3. Movers can get the moving job done rapidly. 3. Efficient movers will move at a pace that is much quicker than you might expect, creating confusion for you if you are not prepared and organized.
4. Movers can assume liability (if you pay for it) for your items and help you in the event of a claim. 4. Paying for the moving company’s liability insurance to protect your belongings can be pricey. It is another cost that can disappear or be minimized by taking the proper time and care; and doing the work yourself.