8One of the biggest dilemmas we encounter when we are planning to move to a new home or apartment; or when preparing to transfer to a new office; is the process of moving our belongings, which includes documents, furniture, and supplies. If you are a person who thinks of budget alone, you might choose to rent a truck or van, load your items in the vehicle, and drive it to your desired location. However, if you are the person who takes everything into consideration, you will probably choose to use Storage Containers On Wheels instead. Compared to the strain and hassle that hiring, loading and driving a truck brings, using our containers allows you to:

  • Pack your things at your own pace
  • Relax during your move
  • Avoid strain or injury
  • Save Money

Storage Containers On Wheels is also the perfect solution when you are in need of extra space at home or in your workplace. Above all, our mini- or portable storage containers provide high quality and affordability. You will find that mini storage containers are of the highest quality, as they are made of durable wood and steel. With high-level security locks sealing the container, you can be assured that your items will be safe, regardless of the weather. Our portable storage containers are also very affordable. With monthly storage rates ranging from $45 to $180.00, depending on container size, they can easily fit your budget.