Portable, on-site or off-site storage solutions: Storage Containers on Wheels can store your excess furniture or any other items at your property or at our secure warehouse.
Business Storage Services
Whether you have a seasonal business, too many file cabinets, excess office furniture or just need extra space – Storage Containers on Wheels solves the problem with on-site portable storage containers. Store them on your premises or at our secure warehouse.
Home Staging

The top real estate professionals recommend staging your home when you put it on the market. Use Storage Containers on Wheels to remove the excess furniture and personal belongings. We bring the container to you; you store your excess or have us do it.
Get your belongings out of the way and CREATE some space to work in! Order one of our portable containers to create the space you need to get your remodeling done.

Take the stuff that you keep tripping over in your garage or living room and store it in one of our clean, secure portable storage containers. We deliver right to your home. Take your time to pack it. Keep it at your place or we can store it in our secure warehouse.
Home Damage
We hope it never happens, but when fire, weather or water damage occurs you can use our portable storage containers to remove your household belongings and store them in our containers while your home is being restored.

The Portable Storage Solutions

We can help pack and load!

Storage Containers on Wheels is a cost effective, economical solution to having the convenience of mini-storage at your own location. Many customers choose to pack and load their own containers. For those of you who want to eliminate the extra strain of lifting and moving out of the equation, call us to order our professional packing and loading service. Since we are owned by Sterling Van Lines, we can provide efficient packing and loading services by experienced professionals.

Having our container(s) allows for:

  1. Flexibility of packing your belongings on your schedule.
  2. Easy access to your items at all times.
  3. Security: you control the access to your container.
  4. Store excess furniture or belongings for home staging or
  5. Safely and securely store your furniture when fire or water
    damage occurs.
  6. Store your seasonal items when your busy season is over.
  7. Excess business files, furniture, inventory or equipment
    storage on your premises.

Choose from 3 different sizes of containers. 8' x 16', 8' x 12', or 7' X 7'

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